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On a recent fishing trip out in the Florida Everglades, we encountered a pretty big American Crocodile. While encountering crocodiles in Everglades National Park is a common occurrence for us this one was different. Usually they are not as big and we don't get that close. Here is a previous encounter. Originally, we drove by the Crocodile before we noticed it up on the bank. We slowed the boat down and turned around towards the Croc. While we idled towards the behemoth reptile, I prepared the camera. I laid up on the bow of the boat snapping pictures while we idled towards the croc. Once we got close, we cut the engine and drifted toward the croc laying up on the bank. At the height of the experience we got to within 15 feet of the croc before backing up. We got so close that when I noticed how close we were, I immediately jumped up and away from the bow of the boat. If the croc wanted to he could have lunged at us and essentially jumped in the boat. Needless to say I almost crapped my pants! Fortunately for us, the crocodile didn't even flinch during the whole experience. Nonetheless, some of the pics are below. I would estimate he was close to or over 10 ft. long. Overall, it was the closest I have ever been to a crocodile and probably too close for comfort.

American Crocodile
Crocodile in the Florida Everglades
Everglades Crocodile
Crocodile in the Everglades
American Crocodile in Everglades
Everglades American Crocodile
Crocodile in Florida
Florida Crocodile
Crocodile in Florida Everglades
Florida Crocodile in the Everglades
Crocodile in Florida Everglades
Florida Everglades American Crocodile
Well its been quite a while since my last post. I have been extremely busy developing a new application, called OutCast which Outdoor Forecasting, www.outcast.io, more to come soon with OutCast stay tuned. That has actually cut down my outdoor time. Nonetheless, here is the late fall early winter trip from last year out in the 'Glades with my buddy John.

Everglades Snook
Nice Snook Everglades
Big Everglades Snook
Snook In Everglades
Nice Snook In Everglades
Snook Florida Everglades


Awesome video about Lions and what I would call the Lion Man!

Snook season is now open in the Gulf area. Nonetheless, here are some pics of a recent outing to Flamingo in search of Snook..

Big Everglades Snook

Everglades Snook

Snook in the Everglades

Snook Time in the Everglades
Surprise for vacationing fishermen off the coast of Dominican Republic

Here are some pics from some of the recent trips in the Florida Keys

Mutton Snapper in the Florida Keys
Yellowtail Snapper in the Florida Keys
Mangrove Snapper
Yellowtail Snapper
Big Yellowtail Snapper in the Florida Keys

Here is a boatload of Snapper and Grouper from a trip to the Dry Tortugas

Dry Tortugas Snapper and Grouper

The chaos that is known as Lobster season is officially under way for 2013. Here are some pics from mini-lobster season. If mini-lobster is any sign of the coming season, it should be a dandy. As per the overall Lobster population probably the most lobster I have seen in the last 10 to 12 years.


Its Summer time and that means, its snapper time! My friend Anthony sent me some pics of his recent trip out of the keys.

Mutton Snapper in Florida Keys
Jayce sent me the following:
Went on a quick afternoon biscayne trip and got 4 permit with only 4 shots. Here are some of the photos. They were all on spin. Had one spit out the fly! And we also caught a few trout on fly on the way back in

Permit Release
Biscayne Bay Permit
Permit in Biscayne Bay
Biscayne Bay Permit
Another Permit Release
Sea Trout on Fly



My Buddy Juani sent me these pics of a recent trip to the Bahamas

Yellow Eye Snapper
Bahamas Grouper
Deep Drop Grouper
Apprentice and Master
Yellow eyes snapper
Cooler with Snapper



A Friend of mines son, Jayce is avid Flyfisherman. He has caught fish on fly that many adult flyfisherman have only dreamed of and he is only a teenager. Nonethless, here are some of his pics.

Bonefish on Fly
Permit on fly
Backyard Snook
Keys Bonefish on Fly
Permit on Fly Florida Keys
Hooked Up on Fly

Headed out with my buddy Louie for some pre summer snook action and it turns out we weren't disappointed. The Snook were in every we spot we went to. In addition, we ended up with our limit on sea trout as well.

Everglades Snook
Snook in the Everglades
Double Header on Snook
Slot Snook in The Everglades

It seemed like this crocodile was trying to get in on the snook action as well.

American Crocodile in the Everglades
American Crocodile in the Everglades


My buddy Marcel (aka Midnight Snooker) sent the following pics from the last 2 weeks. Some by land, some by sea!!
Big Snook Miami
Miami Snook
Big South Florida Snook
Pier Fishing Snook
Snook on land
My Buddy Juani sent me the following:

This story and picture have been buzzing around social media sites for the last two days. A crew on a 32 SeaVee was daytime dropping for swordfish with a tuna belly bait off Boynton beach Monday and caught this whopping 811 lb. giant Bluefin tuna. The bait got inhaled on the way down in 1,700’. Some reports say it was 711 lbs. and others say 811 lbs. Either way, it is a beast. The problem is that Bluefin tuna season is closed, even with an HMS permit, and they were not commercially licensed. The second problem is that they all posted the picture on their Facebook pages and someone alerted FWC. They are facing a confiscation of all their gear, the boat has been impounded and are looking at more than $10,00 in fines. Moral of the story….keep your mouth shut and enjoy the sashimi. In other words Fillet and Release!!!

811 Pound Giant Bluefin Tuna.jpg
If you are poaching 468 lobsters out of season, try not to look too suspicious when loading your boat. Glad they were caught!!

Hialeah men arrested on charges of poaching 468 lobsters

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/06/07/3438904/hialeah-men-arrested-on-charges.html

While this video is from 2011, I watched it again recently and it got my fired up to go fishing, so I thought I would share it again. It is about 13 minutes long but it is entertaining. Got to watch it in its entirety.

Headed out with Jose and Louie for some snook and tarpon action. Ended up with several snook, tarpon and trout. We could not find any Redfish though.

Just over slot snook.
Snook in the Everglades
Everglades Snook
Nice 40 lb Tarpon
Everglades Tarpon
Tarpon in the Everglades
Slot snook
Slot Snook in the Everglades
My Buddy Juani sent me the report below:

My uncle Leo – and boating partner - his bud Al on May 1st off of northern Key Largo, and on what was the first day of grouper season. Good results. They kept three red grouper (21”, 22” and 24”) and a nice king.

They also released a little tunny, three small silky or dusky sharks, two short red grouper, a strawberry grouper and a golden coney. In addition, they lost a nice fish on a flat line that pulled hooks after a long first run. Likely another nice king.

Conditions were actually nice even with a 100% chance of rain. It was a 2 – 3’ sea and the rain stayed to the west the entire day until the ride back to Homestead Bayfront Park at 3 p.m. when it drizzled. Boat ran great.


Red Grouper
Kingfish on Deck
South Florida Redgrouper
South florida red grouper


My Buddy David sent me this pic of his friend's son with his first Permit on fly in Big Pine Key. Great Catch!!! Big Pine Key Permit

Shark tries to eat another shark lunging out of the water next to the Kayak. This will make you change your underwear for sure.


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